Inveress County Centre for the Arts - Return to the Forest

The forest can be a magical place where people connect with nature. Return to the Forest is a show is a stellar show that focuses on peoples fascination and connection with the forest in a variety of different mediums.

Side note: I am very happy to have been included in this show with a series of photographs that document some of my time exploring the woods where I live in Glencoe. I am very fortunate to live in a place where a walk around the property or a short drive offers so much potential for getting creative with my camera. 

Emily and I have settled here, bought a home in the woods and are putting down our own roots. There is something special about this place and something special about this show.

The show exhibition is on display until August 27th! 

Christine and Rick - Inverness, Cape Breton Wedding

What a fun wedding this was! Christine (related to Steve on his mother's side) and Rick are one of the most in love couples we have ever worked with and their whole wedding party were an absolute blast. They had a perfect day for an outdoor ceremony overlooking Inverness and finished it with a rocking party with the Eddie Cummings Band. 

Thanks for the great time!